Shop beautiful 5 by 7 greeting card sets containing some of Maria’s favorite Wading Bird and National Park images. These stunning gift card themes are sure to please family and friends. The cards are blank on the inside providing plenty of room for a personalized message, while the back of each card contains a brief description of the cover photograph.  All cards are individually wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve.  The entire set is then placed in a larger clear sleeve that contains a front cover, back cover and small decorative copper ribbon.

Example of Front and Back of a Card

National Parks Pack

National Parks are one of our nation’s treasures and are often where wonderful memories are created with family and friends.  Why not share some of those memories with others with a National Park greeting card pack?


Wading Birds Set

Being from Florida, Maria felt compelled to create a set of beautiful wading birds, perfect for bird lovers.  Photographs in the pack were selected to showcase a wide variety of wading, nesting, and mating plumage birds.  All photos in this pack are in a landscape orientation.  Stay tuned in late January for Wading Birds 2 in a portrait format. 


These two greeting card sets coming soon:

  • COASTAL LOVERS PACK –  This box set will include 8 individual 5 by 7 greeting cards from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and Coasts.
  • VARIETY PACK – This box set allows the buyer to choose their 8 favorite images from the Coastal, National Park and Wading Birds Sets.


Shipping costs are a flat rate of $3.50 per set based on first class USPS mail for the first set and $5.00 for 2 card sets.  Three or more sets are a fixed $7.00 rate.   If you choose a different shipping method, costs will vary.